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February 25, 2009

Disney World Here We Come!

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And I don’t know if I’ll be able to contain my excitement!!!

We made our room reservations today. Well, we made our second set of reservations today. We went a couple weeks ago to the travel agent on base and he made our first reservation at the All Star Music Resort. However, every time we had questions, we had to go back to him (we tried calling Disney and they wouldn’t talk to us the minute they saw we booked through a travel agent). The problem was all the travel agent would do is get on the phone with Disney and was literally the middle man.

So, Tony called today to see if we could re-book rooms on our own. At first she said they had nothing available (not that they didn’t have anything in the park…we were looking for a room at the military rate and they only have a limited number of rooms available at that rate). While he was on the phone, she suddenly had an opening pop up…at the Treehouse Villas! The resort doesn’t even open until 1 Jun, so we’ll be one of the first people to EVER stay there! And the best part…everyone will have their own room (there are 8 of us going…my parents, Tony & I, and the 4 younger kids, unless Ashley decides to come then we’ll have 9 people). We’ll also have full kitchen facilities and a washer/dryer in the room.

Next step is to plan where we’re going to eat so we can make our reservations. I’ve been combing the website trying to figure out exactly what/where I want to go. Anyone have any suggestions?

Three months, 28 days to go!!


February 24, 2009

Tuesday Randomness

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I was just over at Keely’s to grab the button for Random Tuesday and holy crap there’s a bunch of participants this week! I’ll never get through all those before bedtime!

Alyssa has an ear infection. This is the first one she’s had in a long time, but I’d really hoped we were done with these. Doc said it was pretty infected and was surprised she wasn’t in more pain (she told us last night that it hurt, but wasn’t complaining at all by this morning). So, we’re (like how I include myself in there…it’s almost like a couple saying “we’re pregnant”) on 10 days of Cefzil now (blech…I hate 10 day antibiotics! I wish she’d given us Zithromax!).

I had a 3 hour conference call this morning. I was an hour late for it (due to Alyssa’s appointment), so only ended up being there for 2 hours of it. Thank goodness! I felt like I was running all morning and didn’t actually get to sit at my desk until almost lunch time.

I cleaned out my closet last night. I filled 3 or 4 13-gallon bags with stuff to take to Goodwill. And my closet STILL looks full!

Ashley bought herself an Instinct in January (actually, she bought it herself and is still paying it off). Here it is barely the end of February and she wants to sell it (well, she wants ME to sell it) and get a different phone. This was the phone she was drooling over for months and could barely contain herself when it came to buying it. And she hates it. And being the loving stepmom that I am…I actually considered swapping phones with her even though I didn’t like the Instinct when I played with it in the store. The funny part…she says she doesn’t like it because she can’t text with it very well. Could have fooled me…she sent 3,000 texts in 3 weeks!

I forgot to pay my electric bill this month! Ooops…I better go do that! Don’t worry, today is the due date, so I won’t be sitting in the dark. At least I hope not.

AGAIN with the interrupting prime time TV! Really??? If Obama wants to get my support for something, he needs to learn to stop interrupting my TV viewing! Just kidding…sorta.

I was sitting at a stoplight today. The light turned green. The guy next to me leaned on the horn the SECOND it turned green. I’m not sure what he was hoping to accomplish because it certainly didn’t make anyone move faster!

The new flatbread at Subway is good, however I don’t think it’s worth the two extra points. At least now I can say I tried it!

February 23, 2009

Hey! Hey! Hey! It’s…

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HASAY!! You thought I was going to say Fat Albert didn’t you? If you didn’t, you’ve suceeded in making me feel very old today!!

Last week, I was looking for my motivation. I found it, but it left after just one day. Thursday was a FABULOUS day for me though!! I tracked. I stayed within my points. I did everything right. Right up until Friday.

I know what I need to do. I need to get back to a Weight Watchers meeting. Sadly, I know that won’t happen anytime soon…I just don’t have the time!!

For the good news: I’m able to move again (I hurt my back on President’s Day and was out of work most of last week trying to recuperate) and somehow I managed to lose 2 pounds.

My goal for this week: Track everything I eat…no matter how good/bad I eat.

February 18, 2009


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If anyone sees my motivation, please send it my way. It seems I’ve lost it somewhere. I’ve looked every where, but can’t find it. I’m afraid it’s gone for good.

I would like to say this is my HASAY update, but there’s really nothing to update. Well, unless you count the fact that I’ve pretty much eaten everything that hasn’t been nailed down in the last few weeks.

This past weekend, we went to Atlanta for a much-needed family getaway. We walked all over the World of Coke, the Georgia Aquarium, and Zoo Atlanta. We also went swimming in the hotel pool three times. However, I don’t think that exercise was near enough to walk off this culinary delight:


What is that, you ask? Chocolate Nachos from Cheeseburger in Paradise. Here’s the description from their menu: Chocolate and flour tortillas fried, sweetened and covered with chocolate sauce, strawberries and colored sprinkles. Served with Blue Bell® strawberry and vanilla ice cream for dipping.

How could you not resist that? Probably wouldn’t have been so bad except it was preceeded by a Cheeseburger in Paradise (the best burger I’ve had in a very long time!).

So, I’m sending out the search party! If you happen to see my motivation out wandering all alone, please send it back my way.

By the way, I know that I was totally and completely wrong for posting that picture, but I had to! Just to prove how powerless I was in it’s presence!

February 17, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Atlanta Edition

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We took a weekend trip up to Atlanta over the long weekend. It was a much-needed getaway for all of us. I also had about 10 million random thoughts during the weekend and I couldn’t wait to get to my computer so I could write them all down. Unfortunately, my computer stayed home and I have the memory of a {insert whatever animal has a bad memory here because I can’t think of one and google didn’t help…yes I did google it}. So, today’s post is filled with the random thoughts I remembered having over the weekend!

If you ever visit Atlanta, I highly recommend the City Pass. We got our money’s worth and only visited 3 of the attractions available. We also got to skip the line at the aquarium (which was great since the ticket line wrapped around the building!).

Also, get to the World of Coke and/or the Georgia Aquarium as close to opening as possible. We went to the World of Coke first, arriving around 9:30 in the morning. We sailed right in, no line, no waiting. A quick look at the aquarium proved the situation was the same over there. By the time we got out of the World of Coke (about 1 1/2 hours later), the line to get inside was about 30 minutes (and that was AFTER you waited in line to get tickets!). I don’t even want to guess how long the line was at the aquarium…I’m just glad we didn’t have to stand in it!!

Small children do not enjoy the World of Coke, at least not the same parts the adults enjoy. We zipped through most of the displays because the kids were getting restless. They did enjoy Taste It! where you get to sample different sodas from around the world (some you’ll wish they sold in the states, others leave you searching furiously for something to get that horrid taste out of your mouth).

The kids LOVED the Georgia Aquarium. I would have enjoyed it more if not for the crowds. I don’t mind the crowds so much as the rude people who always seem to be in the crowds. You know, the ones who feel like the attraction is there for their enjoyment only. There were numerous times where we waited patiently to get closer to an exhibit only to have some rude person come in from out of nowhere and push their way to the front. Also, if you want to watch Deepo’s Undersea 3D Wondershow get your tickets as soon as you walk in the door (BTW, this was included in the City Pass…it normally costs extra).

I had my first official bra fitting over the weekend. Well, I guess it wasn’t my “first,” but it was definitely the best. I went to Intimacy and had a great shopping experience (it’s not often that I classify a shopping experience as “great.” Normally, it’s an awful, horrible, I’d rather stick hot pokers in my eye kind of experience…especially when I’m shopping for bras!). Here, I had somebody help me the whole way. She took me into a room, evaluated my needs, retrieved several styles for me to try, and also explained all about what to look for as far as fit, style, etc. Once I made my decision on what to buy, she gathered everything up and brought them to the register for me. No searching aimlessly through stacks/racks/whatever of undergarments trying to find something I think might work. I spent WAY too much money there (I’m embarassed at the amount I spent on bras this weekend, but Tony didn’t even flinch when I told him what the bill was…he just told I deserved it and I needed new bras…which was true, my best-fitting bras, that didn’t even fit that well, were all nursing bras. I haven’t nursed a baby in almost a year! I’m now comfortable in my bras and seriously look like I had a boob job now that the girls are properly supported). I could never shop in that store regularly, however I now have a good “start” to my “bra wadrobe.” While there, I learned that I’m a 32D or 32E…I’d been wearing 36Cs! Of course, it’s nearly impossible to find anything with a bandwidth that small, so these bras better last me a LOOOONG time. I also learned that my right breast is larger than my left breast, apparently this is a common phenomenon…who knew?

Later, I thought how much more I’d enjoy shopping if other stores had similar services as my experience at Intimacy. Then it occurred to me that there are stores that DO provide that service…they’re called personal shoppers. And I can’t afford to shop in places that employ them!

I could never afford to shop at the Phipps Plaza. It is a VERY upscale mall. No Sears or JCPenney anchors at this mall! Just to give you an idea of the type of clientele they’re after: when we walked in the door they had a Bentley on display. A Bentley. My mall has Nissans, this mall had a Bentley (Tony told me that had an Aston Martin on display in another part of the mall). Just for giggles, we looked at the price sticker on the Bentley. It was a bargain at $212,000!

February in Georgia is the best time to visit the zoo. It wasn’t too crowded. It wasn’t too hot (or too cold). Surprisingly, it was a great experience (I’m not a big fan of zoos).

This random post was brought to you by Keely of The Un-mom. Want more? Click over there and start reading!

February 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday – Tree Reading

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February 10, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts by Sandie

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Does anyone remember Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey? I don’t know why, but I thought of that old SNL skit today. For no reason whatsoever. I didn’t even remember a Deep Thought to go with it.

Tony and I have decided to renew our vows this summer. We’ll be celebrating our 10th anniversary. I didn’t get a “real” wedding when we got married, so I’m really starting to look forward to this! We’re keeping it very low key to save money, but the best part is my parents will get to be there (my mom is still a little miffed that we eloped).

As of Sunday, Ashley had decided not to come visit us this summer. She wants to go to summer school this summer to get some extra credits. I’m hoping she’ll change her mind before the summer, but it’s probably a long shot.

Angelina has started using the phrase, “What the…?!?!” I have no idea where she learned it, but it’s hilarious when she decides to use it. The other day, Tony and I were in the bathroom. I’d just gotten out of the shower and he was getting ready to go in, so we were both in our birthday suits. He grabbed me to give me a hug right as Angelina walked in. She took one look at us and said, “What the?!?! You’re naked!” It was much funnier when you were there.

Girl Scout cookies are the devil. I told Tony to rip them out of my hands if he sees me eating any more. I think he’s relishing this task a little too much.

I love most of CBS’s Monday night sitcom lineup. I’m ticked that How I Met Your Mother wasn’t on tonight. Why does the president have to speak in primetime and interrupt my TV watching? At least they put Big Bang Theory on at 9:30 (and I’m so glad Worst Week wasn’t on…I can’t stand that show!).

These random thoughts were brought to you by Keely of The Un Mom. Want more? Go here.

February 9, 2009

HASAY and Girl Scout Cookies Just Don’t Mix

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I was all prepared to type a good update today for HASAY (what’s HASAY you say? Click on the button over there —> and find out!). I stepped on the scale this morning and amazingly was down a pound! Not quite sure how I did that after the last couple of weeks, but I’ll take it!

And then came the Girl Scout Cookies. For those that don’t know, Alyssa is a Brownie Girl Scout. Today, our cookie order came in. I divided out all the cookies that had been ordered and repacked them for delivery tomorrow. Of course, I had to order extras (some for us and some to sell to those who didn’t order). I have almost an entire case of my nemesis staring at me as I type: the Thin Mint cookie.

I thought I’d be able to resist them. Alyssa opened a box and ate a whole sleeve by herself (ah, she’s learned well from the master!). She shared some of the remaining sleeve with her sisters and then brought the open package to me. So, what did I do? Well, I read Debbie’s and Mrs. Bear’s HASAY updates while finishing said open package (you’d think reading about puke would have deterred my cookie-fest, sadly I didn’t even blink an eye!).

I’m thinking eating the cookies while reading about someone else losing weight cancels out all the calories in the cookies. That’s the story I’m going to tell anyway.

And starting tomorrow, I’m back on the Weight Watchers wagaon. I know, I know, I said I’d do it last week. Well, I lied. OK, I didn’t really lie. I had the best of intentions, but well, you know all about the road to hell, right?

February 7, 2009

A whole new outlook

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These past couple of weeks have been a bit of a journey of self discovery for me. It started with the day I thought my marriage was over and relates to to this Spin Cycle.

You see, Tony read that Spin Cycle post and put it together with some innocent e-mails R and I had exchanged over the last couple of years (well, I thought they were innocent…he didn’t) and decided that I didn’t want to be with him anymore. Which, wasn’t true, but I had shut myself off from him. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve worked hard to make sure I keep myself open. If I’m feeling something, I talk with him about it rather than letting it sit and fester in my mind. Through all of this, we’ve been able to reconnect with each other and capture some of what we’d let escape.

Over the last week or so, I’ve realized something else. I’ve spent the better part of the last 12 or so years, building R up in my mind to something he’s not. One of the comments to my Spin Cycle post said something about him being a jerk (I think it was from Casey). My first thought was, “No, he’s not a jerk.” What I realized over the last week is that he really was a jerk. He treated me poorly back then and I blinded myself to it. In the years since then, I’ve grown up. He hasn’t. I’ve managed to have a somewhat normal marriage that’s lasted almost 10 years. He’s yet to have a marriage last that long and recently split up with his last long-term girlfriend. And I’m quite certain he’s barely given me a second thought in the last few years.

I also realized how much I’ve let my unhappiness with one part of my life (having to work), affect every other part of it. The worst part is I let it affect my relationship with my girls.

So, I have a whole new outlook now. I definitely won in the end. I have a wonderful husband who thinks I’m the sun brightening his world. I have five of the most gorgeous girls on the planet (and I don’t think I’m biased one bit!). And I’ve decided to change my attitude about working. I have three years until I can retire from the Air Force. Three. I can do anything for three years!

February 4, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

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Because I enjoy jumping on bandwagons and am too tired to come up with an entire post tonight, I’ve decided to do my very first Wordless Wednesday post (apparently, I don’t understand the concept of “wordless” though”).


My youngest two. They slept like this all night.

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