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February 9, 2009

HASAY and Girl Scout Cookies Just Don’t Mix

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I was all prepared to type a good update today for HASAY (what’s HASAY you say? Click on the button over there —> and find out!). I stepped on the scale this morning and amazingly was down a pound! Not quite sure how I did that after the last couple of weeks, but I’ll take it!

And then came the Girl Scout Cookies. For those that don’t know, Alyssa is a Brownie Girl Scout. Today, our cookie order came in. I divided out all the cookies that had been ordered and repacked them for delivery tomorrow. Of course, I had to order extras (some for us and some to sell to those who didn’t order). I have almost an entire case of my nemesis staring at me as I type: the Thin Mint cookie.

I thought I’d be able to resist them. Alyssa opened a box and ate a whole sleeve by herself (ah, she’s learned well from the master!). She shared some of the remaining sleeve with her sisters and then brought the open package to me. So, what did I do? Well, I read Debbie’s and Mrs. Bear’s HASAY updates while finishing said open package (you’d think reading about puke would have deterred my cookie-fest, sadly I didn’t even blink an eye!).

I’m thinking eating the cookies while reading about someone else losing weight cancels out all the calories in the cookies. That’s the story I’m going to tell anyway.

And starting tomorrow, I’m back on the Weight Watchers wagaon. I know, I know, I said I’d do it last week. Well, I lied. OK, I didn’t really lie. I had the best of intentions, but well, you know all about the road to hell, right?


November 4, 2008

My night in heck…

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My evening started out normal enough.  I left work around 2:30 so I could get to my 3 pm class at the gym.  Had a good workout (today was ab lab…I’m hoping to finally get rid of this baby-belly, though I’m thinking surgery may be the only cure), got ready for my Weight Watchers meeting, and then headed out to pick up the girls from daycare.

Arrived at daycare to find Angelina in the “office.”  Her second trip of the day.  Earlier, she was hitting and pushing her friends.  She was there this time for hitting her teacher.  She only does stuff like this when either her father or I are out of town.  Last time Tony got to deal with it, this time I get to.  Blah.  So, I take care of Angelina and walk back to get Alyssa…who throws a fit because I’m there to pick her up and I’m too early.  Grrr!  Off to get Amber next…at least ONE of my children was happy to see me at pick up!

Finally, I get my brood herded out the door and we’re on our way to my meeting.  Now, let me explain, my Monday night meeting is in Butler.  About 45 minutes away from my house.  It’s a small town with a population of approximately 1,800 people (though there may be even less by now).  The people there are great and are 100% what keeps me going out there every Monday night.  Anyway, I swing by Burger King on my way out of town (kids gotta eat, right?) and we’re off.

The drive out is mostly smooth.   Right up until we get about 5 minutes away from the church my meeting is held in.  That’s when Amber starts crying.  She’s hungry and she wants out of the car. Now.  I speed down the road, arriving at the church in about 3 minutes.  By this time, Amber has worked herself into quite a frenzy.  I stop in front of the church and Amber throws up.  This is when I realize I forgot the diaper bag at home.  Luckily, I had a shirt to change her into and she didn’t get anything on her pants.  So, I hop out of the car, clean Amber up as best I can, change her shirt, gather my brood and the 10 million things I need to take inside, lock the car doors, and herd everyone inside.

I get Amber situated with her food (which makes her a VERY happy camper!) and start to set up for my meeting.  That’s when I realize I forgot my flipcharts in the car.  So, I go grab my keys.  Crap! I locked my keys in the car!

And this brings me to what I love about small towns: everyone knows everyone.  My receptionist, Ginger, called David, who called someone else, who sent Steve to unlock my doors (turns out Steve works for the Butler Police).  Steve can’t get it unlocked, so he calls someone else (who works for the sheriff and I should mention the sheriff’s office said they wouldn’t unlock the door).  He can’t get it done, so a THIRD guy comes over and they FINALLY get it unlocked! YAHOOOOOO!!!  Luckily, we had a plan B: one of my members is married to a guy who OWNS a body shop.  Good thing to keep in mind if this ever happens again!

Thank goodness the rest of the night went smoothly.  I might have had a nervous breakdown on the side of the road had something else gone wrong!

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