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March 6, 2009

My crazy up-and-down week

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Well, more downs that up really. 😦

Monday: I find out about my assignment to Italy late Monday afternoon.

Tuesday: I call the Air Force Personnel Center (hereafter known as AFPC) to find out why Tony didn’t get an assignment and am told to wait a week or two and we should see an assignment for him.

Wednesday: The answer from Tuesday isn’t sitting right with me. I start doing some research and find out Tony should have gotten his assignment the same time as me, if they were going to give him one. Call/e-mail a few friends and one of them calls AFPC. Find out late Wednesday afternoon that Tony was not given an assignment because “manning didn’t support” one for him. The girl who called for me asked, “What are her options?” And is told, “She can go unacompanied.” In other words…without my family for two years (or I could take the girls with me and be single mom for 3 years). My other option: separate just 3 short years away from retirement. Since the hold up is on Tony’s side, I call his supervisor and ask him to check into it for us.

Thursday: Spend most of the day trying to get somebody from AFPC to answer a damn phone call or e-mail. After not hearing anything from anyone all day, I send my boss an e-mail detailing everything that had happened up to that point. He forwards it to my Career Field Manager (this is the guy who is basically over my entire career field…he does not make assignments, but might be able to have some influence over everything.

Thursday night: Somebody from AFPC FINALLY calls my husband’s supervisors and tell him they are 150% manned in his career field at Aviano. They can’t possibly send 1 more person over there, but will look again to see what they can do. Later night my Career Field Manager calls…I tell him the whole story. He promises to try to find out something today and call me back (we actually had a fairly long chat).

Today: I’ve heard nothing. It’s 9:22 pm and I’m sure I won’t hear anything tonight. I may try to call my Career Field Manager in the morning just to get some sort of a status update.

This whole thing sucks. Just sucks. 😦


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