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March 3, 2009

Random Thoughts

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To answer the big question from yesterday: YES we will still be able to take our Disney trip (thank goodness!). We’re hoping this will push Ashley to decide to come with us, even if it’s just for the week we’re going. It’ll be our last big “hooray” before we leave the country. And as my friend pointed out: we’ll be able to visit EuroDisney now.

I’m trying to get to a good spot in regards to this move to Italy. So far, I’m still in the freaked out stage and can’t get past why it’s a bad thing. I keep telling myself all the good things about it…what a wonderful experience this will be for the kids (and us!). It just throws a HUGE monkey wrench into some of my other plans (guess that’s what I get for trying to plan!). However, I know I’ll have plenty of blog fodder once we get over there!

Last weekend was weird weather-wise. Saturday we had severe thunderstorms, tornado warnings, and a whole bunch of rain dumped on us. Sunday it snowed. Yes, you read that right…it SNOWED in Georgia! Not once, but TWICE! The kids got to play in it for a little bit and it all melted by the time we went to bed. I got to go in two hours late because of it though (school, however, started right on time!). Seems fitting that it snowed the first year we lived here and now it snowed the last year we lived here.

I’m perplexed that the school systems down here seem to have not heard of “delay start.” Schools all around us closed on Monday because of the snow. Well, not really because of the snow, but because they were worried about the ice that may form on the roads overnight. In all the discussions about whether or not our county schools should remain open, nobody thought of delaying the start of the day. It was either the schools will be closed or they will be open. I don’t get it (and yesterday would have been the perfect day to delay the start of school, even by an hour!).

I don’t have much randomness in me today. I’m overwhelmed thinking of all the things we have to get done in the next few months. The time is going to fly by! Yikes!

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