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February 24, 2009

Tuesday Randomness

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I was just over at Keely’s to grab the button for Random Tuesday and holy crap there’s a bunch of participants this week! I’ll never get through all those before bedtime!

Alyssa has an ear infection. This is the first one she’s had in a long time, but I’d really hoped we were done with these. Doc said it was pretty infected and was surprised she wasn’t in more pain (she told us last night that it hurt, but wasn’t complaining at all by this morning). So, we’re (like how I include myself in there…it’s almost like a couple saying “we’re pregnant”) on 10 days of Cefzil now (blech…I hate 10 day antibiotics! I wish she’d given us Zithromax!).

I had a 3 hour conference call this morning. I was an hour late for it (due to Alyssa’s appointment), so only ended up being there for 2 hours of it. Thank goodness! I felt like I was running all morning and didn’t actually get to sit at my desk until almost lunch time.

I cleaned out my closet last night. I filled 3 or 4 13-gallon bags with stuff to take to Goodwill. And my closet STILL looks full!

Ashley bought herself an Instinct in January (actually, she bought it herself and is still paying it off). Here it is barely the end of February and she wants to sell it (well, she wants ME to sell it) and get a different phone. This was the phone she was drooling over for months and could barely contain herself when it came to buying it. And she hates it. And being the loving stepmom that I am…I actually considered swapping phones with her even though I didn’t like the Instinct when I played with it in the store. The funny part…she says she doesn’t like it because she can’t text with it very well. Could have fooled me…she sent 3,000 texts in 3 weeks!

I forgot to pay my electric bill this month! Ooops…I better go do that! Don’t worry, today is the due date, so I won’t be sitting in the dark. At least I hope not.

AGAIN with the interrupting prime time TV! Really??? If Obama wants to get my support for something, he needs to learn to stop interrupting my TV viewing! Just kidding…sorta.

I was sitting at a stoplight today. The light turned green. The guy next to me leaned on the horn the SECOND it turned green. I’m not sure what he was hoping to accomplish because it certainly didn’t make anyone move faster!

The new flatbread at Subway is good, however I don’t think it’s worth the two extra points. At least now I can say I tried it!



  1. Imagine how many she’ll send with a phone she CAN text with well??

    I hate people who honk when you’re slow on the gas pedal. Sometimes I’m busy texting, dammit.

    Comment by Keely — February 24, 2009 @ 9:53 pm |Reply

  2. Kids are texting wizards. I have a friend who texts me all the time and it takes me ten minutes to type a one sentence reply.

    Comment by Casey — February 25, 2009 @ 11:22 am |Reply

  3. My daughter had bought herself a Sidekick ID earlier this year and we ended up Ebaying it three months later.

    Sorry to hear about your daughter’s ear infection. I just had one myself that I had to get antibiotics for and surprisingly enough I didn’t have that unbearable ear pain, just some general stuffiness. Hope it clears up soon.

    Comment by mrsbear0309 — February 25, 2009 @ 5:05 pm |Reply

  4. Obama or American Idol… hmmmm… I know which I’d pick! 😀

    Comment by GreenJello — February 26, 2009 @ 9:59 am |Reply

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