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January 18, 2009

Hannah Montana Rocks!

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At least for a bunch of 6-8 year old Brownies!

We had 14 girls and 8 moms at the sleepover. Amazingly enough, we made it through the ENTIRE night and did not have a SINGLE major blow up! There were a couple of minor tiffs between the girls, but nothing that wasn’t resolved quickly with some redirection. There were, however, a few fits thrown. Some small, some not so small (one girl I think really needs to learn that 1) the world does not revolve around her and 2) she can’t always get her way, but I digress!).

I was in charge of the food. All week I was stressing out thinking we wouldn’t have enough food. As it turns out, I was wrong about that! I ordered 8 large pizzas and 2 orders of cheesesticks from Papa Johns. We also had popcorn, nachos, soft pretzels and cupcakes. Oh and I bought a vegetable tray at the last minute (had to feel like we weren’t giving them complete junk!). The only thing we completely ran out of was the veggie tray!

We had a fun-filled evening for the girls with plenty to keep them busy!

They made autograph books:


And body glitter:


We played the Rhythm Cup Game:


And Spoons (I forgot to take a picture of the Spoons game in action).

We had a piñata:


I know, I know…we had the lame pull string piñata. I figured it was much safer since we were inside and there was no way we were going outside (it was 16 degrees out!).

The girls gave each other manicures:


And makeovers:


And we had a TON of door prizes:


Eventually, we all settled in for a Hannah Montana marathon:


The girls all fell asleep sometime around midnight and a few of them were up at 6:30 the next morning! Nobody slept past 7:30 and we were cleaned up and out of there by 9:30. The night went well and everyone had fun. The moms all decided that next time we’ll rent a couple hotel rooms somewhere. We’ll lock the girls in one room and the moms will be in another…with alcohol!

As an aside, I’m amazed that Alyssa is smiling in every one of these pictures. Those who have known me for awhile can vouch for the fact that she almost never smiles in pictures! I never even had to ask her to smile (normally I have to bribe her), she did it willingly every time!


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