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May 26, 2009

It’s a Monday-Tuesday!

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I like long weekends. I like them even more when I get four days off instead of just four. I hate going back to work after the long weekend though. Seems like I started my day behind and never caught up. At least tomorrow is Wednesday and we’re half way to the next weekend!

We went to Hilton Head this weekend. It was our first time there. I find myself wishing we hadn’t waited so long to go. I’m fairly certain we would have spent many more weekends there. I wish I would have planned better this time. We had a great time though!

I can’t believe this is the third thing I thought of and not the first…we accepted an offer on our house over the weekend! It’s a little less than our asking price, but still within the range of what we were hoping to get. Now we just have to make it through the next 14 days (they have 10 days to get any inspections done and 14 to get their financing finalized). If all goes well, we’ll close on 30 Jun. I’m still in a bit of shock…I figured we’d sell, just didn’t think it’s happen in 2 weeks! Guess all our hard work paid off! Now comes the really hard work: finding a place to live for 2 months, moving there, and then getting ready to move again!

Alyssa has a heart of gold when it comes to animals. We watched Hotel for Dogs at the hotel. While we were watching it, she asked me what was so bad about the pound. I had to explain to her that some pounds will kill animals if they can’t find a new home for them. A few hours later, she started crying, out of the blue. Tony asked her what was wrong and she said she was thinking about all the animals in the pound. I only wish she could drum up that kind of empathy for her sisters!

Angelina “graduated” from pre-K last Tuesday. She’ll be starting kindergarten next year. I’m not sure I’m ready to have TWO kids in school. And I already feel for her future kindergarten teacher. I’m sure I’ll be getting multiple phone calls from the school!

I feel even more sorry for the poor first grade teacher who got stuck with our next door neighbor’s kid. Tony helped our neighbor change a car battery last week and got quite an earful about how they had a ton of problems with the kid’s teacher. I think the problem was more with the parents and the kid. The teacher tried all year to get them to come in for a conference, but the dad works 30 miles away and the mom flat-out refused to go to the school (the school is less than 2 miles from the house). The dad finally went to the school after the teacher commented on their refusal to meet with her…but not to meet with the teacher, instead he raised heck with the principal because he felt disrespected. The fact is, their kid is a brat. He listens to no one and has zero respect for adults. The other day he was repeatedly screaming “Shut up!” to his mom in the driveway. No way in freaking hell one of my kids would get away with screaming shut up at me in my own freaking driveway. No way. And if he speaks to his mom that way, I can only imagine the problems his teacher is having!

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May 23, 2009

Are you getting excited yet?

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I’ve come to loathe that questions.  Seems it’s the first question everyone asks me these days.  The answer is no, I’m not excited yet.  There are numerous other feelings I’m having…

Overwhelmed? Check.
Nervous? Check.
Depressed? Check.
A little bit terrified? Double Check.

Excited is definitely not one of the adjectives I would use to describe my mood these days.

It’s not that I don’t think I’ll enjoy our assignment to Italy. I know once I get there, I’ll have a good time. I’ll make the most of it, as I always do (if I can make the most of living on a 2 x 4 mile island, I think I can make the most of living in Italy!). What I really want right now is to be able to mourn what I’m losing without someone trying to convince me that I should be excited.

I want to mourn leaving my house. The house that’s been my home for the last 8 years. The only home three of my children have known (Alyssa was born in New Mexico, but we left there when she was 11 months old, so she doesn’t remember it).

I want to mourn leaving our daycare. Alyssa has been attending this daycare since she was 3 years old…almost 6 years! Angelina and Amber have never been to another daycare. Many of the people there now are the same ones who were there 6 years ago. We’ve entrusted our children to them all these years and they’ve become family. I’ve also never seen a daycare that has been accomodating as they have: when I had a problem with one of their teachers, they moved Amber to another room (and I really had no good reason, just that the lady made me uncomfortable. Not in a “I think she’ll hurt my child” way, more in a “I think she’ll kidnap my child” way. I didn’t even have to make a big deal about it…the minute I told them I was uncomfortable, they took steps towards resolving it.); they’ve given us extra discounts on tuition and discounted my annual registration fee. More importantly, they’ve been with us as we’ve watched our children grow. They’ve been understanding during various parenting challenges (Alyssa screamed bloody murder every.single.morning. at drop off for a good 6-12 months. Every morning, Ms. Terri took her from my arms and let me dash out. And when Amber went through her biting phase, they helped us resolve it.). They love our kids and our kids love them. Ever since Alyssa spilled the beans that we’re going to Italy, all we’ve heard from them is “We’re really going to miss you guys” and I know they mean it.

I want to mourn losing my job with Weight Watchers. When I walked into my first Weight Wathcers meeting on October 9, 2001, I never imagined it’d become as much a part of my life as it has. I love watching people lose weight. I love seeing the light they get in their face when they reach certain milestones. And I love watching the changes they make as they get slim. And not just physical changes…you see a change in their whole demeanor. The way they carry themselves is different. How they interact with others is different. Even how they dress changes. For the first time in a very long time, I have a job that I *love* going to. Even on days when I’m not in a particularly good mood, I leave my meetings feeling uplifted.

I want to mourn my friends, co-workers, and church family that I’m leaving behind.

And by golly, I want to just plain mourn leaving Middle Georgia. If someone had told my I’d feel this way when we first arrived, I probably would have laughed in their face. We couldn’t wait to get out of here. We plotted our exit almost from the day we first drove on base. Now, here we are, 8 years later, and I’ve grown to love this place. The schools are good. The cost of living is low. The people are friendly. And the crime rate is low. Heck, even Business Week dubbed Warner Robins as one of the best places to raise your kids. Who can argue with that?

May 12, 2009

Tuesday Randomness

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My husband’s ex called the other day and left a message that she needed to speak with Tony and it was urgent.  We were tired after cleaning out our garage, but I made him call her anyway.  I’m thinking somebody is in the hospital or injured in some way.  She doesn’t answer when he calls.  She calls back shortly after he lays down to take a nap.  I wake him up, again, fearing something has happened with one of his daughters.  What was so urgent you might ask?  One of the boys in Ashley’s confirmation class has a crush on her.  And, shockingly, she may like him too.  She even went on a “date” with him.  I think next time I’ll let him sleep.

I reenlisted on the 30th of April.  Hopefully, it will be the very last time I reenlist. Ever.  After I finished my Oath of Enlistment, one of my co-workers quipped, “You did that better than Obama.”  I thought it was funny…especially since I DID almost mess it up and had to supress a giggle that was threatening to escape about half way through it.  I also find it funny because the Oath of Enlistment is about three times as long as the Presidential Oath…thought that’s more funny strange than funny ha-ha.  Strange because I’d say HIS job in considerably more important than mine.  You’d think he’d have more words to say to reflect that!

I think I’m addicted to Facebook.  I watched a report on CNN about Facebook addictions and I seemed to fit most of the descriptions.  I’m constantly checking Facebook from my phone and it’s one of the first things I log on to on my computer.  I think I need an intervention.  Or a support group.  I wonder if there’s a Facebook group for Facebook addicts.

Speaking of interventions, I love the last few episodes of How I Met Your Mother.  And while I was disappointed at first, I’m glad now that Stella isn’t the mother.  I hope I’ll still be able to see it when we move to Italy.  I may have to have my mom video tape it.

We had our first showing tonight!  Wouldn’t it be something if we got an offer?  I know it’s asking for a bit much though.  I’ll be glad when the house sells though.  Three days of keeping the house “show ready” have already worn on me!

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May 11, 2009

Alabama or Bust!

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“Mommy! Mommy! Laney and I are going to Alabama!”

As I look down at my 4 year old increduously, I say “Oh really? What are you going to do there?”

“We’re going to the park because they have rides!”

That was the conversation I had with Angelina a few Fridays ago when I picked her up from daycare.  I packed her and her sisters in the car and headed home, thinking that was the last I’d hear about any trips to Alabama.

Then came the pick up on Monday: “Mommy! Laney and I are still going to Alabama!”

Clearly they are serious and I need delve further into this proposed trip.

“How do you get to Albama?”

“You take a right and then a left.”  (Side note: This is actually mostly true.  Her daycare sits adjacent to a highway.  To get to Alabama from her daycare, you’d turn right onto this highway, drive about 20 miles, turn left, and then drive another 60ish miles straight to Alabama.)

“How are you going to get there? Are you going to walk?”

“No,” she says giggling as if THAT’S the craziest part of this conversation. “We’re going to drive.”

“Are  you going to drive a car?”

“No! I can’t drive!”

“Is somebody going to take you?”

“No! We’re going to drive!”

“If you don’t have a car, what are you going to drive there?”

“A Barbie Jeep.”

“Really? Does Laney have a Barbie Jeep.”


She ponders that thought for a second and then asks, “Mommy, will you buy me a Barbie Jeep?”

Foiled by the lack of transportation, she and Laney have yet to attempt to make the trek.  She hasn’t forgotten about it yet.

Hopefully they don’t find a Barbie Jeep any time soon.

May 8, 2009

My poor neglected blog…

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I can’t believe the last time I posted was Apr 28th!  Oh my!  I have a good excuse though!  We spent the last week (who am I kidding…THREE weeks) cleaning, scrubbing, painting and decluttering our house.  As of last night, our house is now OFFICIALLY on the market.  Whew!  Now we just have to get it sold!

A few life lessons I’ve learned through this process:

Life Lesson #1: Check references whenever you ask someone to do work on your house!  We had a contractor come in and do some various work around the house.  Things we could have easily done ourselves (well, most of it anyway), but figured it would be faster and less hassle if we hired someone to do it.  One of the things we had them do was paint the three bedrooms in the house.  Below is a sample of what they apparently deemed acceptable:


This is just one small example.  ALL THREE ROOMS looked like this.  I seriously think my 8 year old could have done a better job! 

Life lesson #2:  Never give final payment until you are 100% satisfied…no matter how bad you want the idiots out of your house (it took them FIVE days to paint three rooms and do some other work…it should not have taken them any more than 3 days to finish everything).  I was getting ready to go out of town and just wanted them to go.  And silly me trusted the owner when he told me he’d be back if we were unhappy with any of his crew’s work.

Life lesson #3: Sometimes paying somebody to do somethign you can do yourself is WELL worth the money.  We paid $250 for a cleaning service to come in and clean our house.  It was the best $250 we’ve EVER spent.  This house has never looked so clean.  They even managed to clean paint off a window that we’ve been trying to remove for 8 years!  We’ve also discovered the joys of laundry drop off service.  We found a place in town that will wash and fold laundry for $1 a pound.  We dropped off 59 pounds worth of clothes.  Took them a few hours to do it…would have taken us a couple days (as an aside…I’m AMAZED at the amount of laundry we generate in our house.  It’s the neverending chore!).  I’m sure we’ll use the drop off service one or two more times before we leave!

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