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November 17, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

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Three weeks?  Has it really been three weeks since I last posted?  Holy abandonment Batman!  I wish I could say I’ve been overly busy, but the truth is Facebook has sucked me in.  Well, that and I’ve been lazy.  I’ve started so many posts in my head, but can’t seem to actually sit down and type them out.  I won’t even say I’ll try to do better, because I know I won’t.

I’m going to Malta next week.  I bet you have the same question I had…where the heck is Malta?  It’s one of those countries we hear about, but don’t know quite where it is.  Well, here it is:

Yep, that little tiny dot right under Sicily is Malta.  I’m going with one of my co-worker’s wives.  She’s been planning it since June and he told her last weekend he didn’t really want to go.  So, she called me and asked if I wanted to go.  I did a quick internet search to find out where Malta is and now I’m excited to go!  The pictures I found look beautiful!  The trip is my birthday present.  We leave Sunday and come back Wednesday.

I’m really liking my AppleTV.  It’s almost better than my TiVo!  Tonight I caught up on Desperate Housewives.  Not only did I not have to watch commercials…I didn’t even have to worry about fast forwarding through them!  I’ve also been able to download movies for the girls to watch.  It’s great for those times that they’re bored and want something new to see.

Speaking of Desperate Housewives, I hope they’re close to wrapping up the whole Catherine/Susan/Mike love triangle.  It was interesting at first, but I think they’ve about played it out.

Alyssa made the A/B honor roll this quarter.   She’s really blossomed since we’ve been here.   At least one of us seems to have adjusted already!  The rest of us are still trying to get settled.

I’ve officially run out of randomness for tonight. Craving more? Go visit Keely at to get your fix!


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