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December 27, 2008

Gotcha and other stuff

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I discovered this great feature on WordPress. I’m sure other blog hosting sites have it, but I just noticed it here. I can choose when I want a post to be published! Isn’t that great? I can write a post at say 11pm on Dec 26 and have it post at noon on Dec 27. So, I decided to trick all of you into thinking that I wrote a post on Saturday, when I really wrote it on Friday night but didn’t publish it until the next day. I’m actually somewhere in Texas or Lousiana and won’t have internet access for hours. Gotcha! Oh wait…I guess I just told you what I did. Ooops!

This is the time that’s always bittersweet for me. I’m happy to be going back to stay in my own bed, but incredibly sad to be leaving part of my family behind. And every time I find myself wishing we lived closer and hoping against hope that just once the needs of the Air Force could meet up with my needs.

We went to see the movie “Marley and Me” tonight…er, I mean last night. There is a scene when Jennifer Aniston is talking about marriage/kids/etc and she says “Nobody told us it would be this hard.” That’s how I feel about my family. I knew entering into a ready-made family wouldn’t be easy. I knew it wouldn’t be all Brady Bunch and roses. What I didn’t expect was this big hole in my heart. The one I walk around with most of the year. It’s only filled when I have all five of my kids under one roof. I knew I’d love the girls, but never expected to love them this much. Never expected the incredible hurt I’d feel every time another visit ended. Nope, nobody told me it would be this hard.

Oh and a quick water heater update: Tony and I decided Christmas night that we’d loan MIL the money for a new water heater (though it was only a loan to make her feel better, we really weren’t expecting her to pay us back). We went to Lowe’s today to price a few water heaters. That’s when I found out the darn thing had a 9 year warranty. I’m not sure why nobody thought to call Whirlpool to enforce the darn warranty! I went in search of warranty information and found a troubleshooting guide. We went as far as we could with the troubleshooting guide and ended up calling in a plumber. Turns out, no licensed plumber has ever looked at the darn thing either. So, the guy comes out and says we need some part that costs $4.16 and they charge $75 an hour for labor (and I don’t think this part will take more than an hour to install). Yep, you saw that right…my MIL has been without hot water for 8 months over $80 and all because she didn’t want to call in a professional. Hopefully, MIL will be able to get the part installed on Monday.


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