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May 23, 2009

Are you getting excited yet?

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I’ve come to loathe that questions.  Seems it’s the first question everyone asks me these days.  The answer is no, I’m not excited yet.  There are numerous other feelings I’m having…

Overwhelmed? Check.
Nervous? Check.
Depressed? Check.
A little bit terrified? Double Check.

Excited is definitely not one of the adjectives I would use to describe my mood these days.

It’s not that I don’t think I’ll enjoy our assignment to Italy. I know once I get there, I’ll have a good time. I’ll make the most of it, as I always do (if I can make the most of living on a 2 x 4 mile island, I think I can make the most of living in Italy!). What I really want right now is to be able to mourn what I’m losing without someone trying to convince me that I should be excited.

I want to mourn leaving my house. The house that’s been my home for the last 8 years. The only home three of my children have known (Alyssa was born in New Mexico, but we left there when she was 11 months old, so she doesn’t remember it).

I want to mourn leaving our daycare. Alyssa has been attending this daycare since she was 3 years old…almost 6 years! Angelina and Amber have never been to another daycare. Many of the people there now are the same ones who were there 6 years ago. We’ve entrusted our children to them all these years and they’ve become family. I’ve also never seen a daycare that has been accomodating as they have: when I had a problem with one of their teachers, they moved Amber to another room (and I really had no good reason, just that the lady made me uncomfortable. Not in a “I think she’ll hurt my child” way, more in a “I think she’ll kidnap my child” way. I didn’t even have to make a big deal about it…the minute I told them I was uncomfortable, they took steps towards resolving it.); they’ve given us extra discounts on tuition and discounted my annual registration fee. More importantly, they’ve been with us as we’ve watched our children grow. They’ve been understanding during various parenting challenges (Alyssa screamed bloody murder every.single.morning. at drop off for a good 6-12 months. Every morning, Ms. Terri took her from my arms and let me dash out. And when Amber went through her biting phase, they helped us resolve it.). They love our kids and our kids love them. Ever since Alyssa spilled the beans that we’re going to Italy, all we’ve heard from them is “We’re really going to miss you guys” and I know they mean it.

I want to mourn losing my job with Weight Watchers. When I walked into my first Weight Wathcers meeting on October 9, 2001, I never imagined it’d become as much a part of my life as it has. I love watching people lose weight. I love seeing the light they get in their face when they reach certain milestones. And I love watching the changes they make as they get slim. And not just physical changes…you see a change in their whole demeanor. The way they carry themselves is different. How they interact with others is different. Even how they dress changes. For the first time in a very long time, I have a job that I *love* going to. Even on days when I’m not in a particularly good mood, I leave my meetings feeling uplifted.

I want to mourn my friends, co-workers, and church family that I’m leaving behind.

And by golly, I want to just plain mourn leaving Middle Georgia. If someone had told my I’d feel this way when we first arrived, I probably would have laughed in their face. We couldn’t wait to get out of here. We plotted our exit almost from the day we first drove on base. Now, here we are, 8 years later, and I’ve grown to love this place. The schools are good. The cost of living is low. The people are friendly. And the crime rate is low. Heck, even Business Week dubbed Warner Robins as one of the best places to raise your kids. Who can argue with that?


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  1. Aww, you have a lot of great things that will be left behind, you should mourn them. You’re going to find new friends and new schools there and new people to love. It’s hard though…

    Comment by Casey — May 24, 2009 @ 10:02 pm |Reply

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