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May 8, 2009

My poor neglected blog…

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I can’t believe the last time I posted was Apr 28th!  Oh my!  I have a good excuse though!  We spent the last week (who am I kidding…THREE weeks) cleaning, scrubbing, painting and decluttering our house.  As of last night, our house is now OFFICIALLY on the market.  Whew!  Now we just have to get it sold!

A few life lessons I’ve learned through this process:

Life Lesson #1: Check references whenever you ask someone to do work on your house!  We had a contractor come in and do some various work around the house.  Things we could have easily done ourselves (well, most of it anyway), but figured it would be faster and less hassle if we hired someone to do it.  One of the things we had them do was paint the three bedrooms in the house.  Below is a sample of what they apparently deemed acceptable:


This is just one small example.  ALL THREE ROOMS looked like this.  I seriously think my 8 year old could have done a better job! 

Life lesson #2:  Never give final payment until you are 100% satisfied…no matter how bad you want the idiots out of your house (it took them FIVE days to paint three rooms and do some other work…it should not have taken them any more than 3 days to finish everything).  I was getting ready to go out of town and just wanted them to go.  And silly me trusted the owner when he told me he’d be back if we were unhappy with any of his crew’s work.

Life lesson #3: Sometimes paying somebody to do somethign you can do yourself is WELL worth the money.  We paid $250 for a cleaning service to come in and clean our house.  It was the best $250 we’ve EVER spent.  This house has never looked so clean.  They even managed to clean paint off a window that we’ve been trying to remove for 8 years!  We’ve also discovered the joys of laundry drop off service.  We found a place in town that will wash and fold laundry for $1 a pound.  We dropped off 59 pounds worth of clothes.  Took them a few hours to do it…would have taken us a couple days (as an aside…I’m AMAZED at the amount of laundry we generate in our house.  It’s the neverending chore!).  I’m sure we’ll use the drop off service one or two more times before we leave!



  1. Sorry about your bad handyman experience. We had a similar one when we had crown molding put up in the bedrooms. I was at work and Jamie was on a conference call here and he let the guy go without double checking the work. The guy didn’t patch ANY of the nail holes or paint (which we paid extra for). They’re still not done and it’s been almost two years.

    Woo hoo on the cleaning service. I’m jealous! And when I read about that laundry place, I decided that I’m trying it the next time our laundry piles up. That’s a cheap price to pay for time.

    Comment by Casey — May 9, 2009 @ 5:18 am |Reply

  2. The blog neglect is totally understandable. I’ve never tried one of those laundry service, but I often feel like I’m drowning in never ending piles of dirty clothes. We also had someone paint for us when we first moved in to our house and we’re still cringing at the shoddy work five years later…not that we’ve done anything about it. Too much laundry. 😉 Happy Mother’s Day.

    Comment by mrsbear0309 — May 10, 2009 @ 8:15 pm |Reply

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