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March 12, 2009

RTT, HASAY, Spin Cycle: Three for the price of one!

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I’ve been neglecting my blog the last couple of weeks. Between the constant fretting and worrying over my assignment situation and the time change, I’ve either been too stressed or too tired to put coherent thoughts together. So, I’ve decided to string my three regular meme-type posts into one. So today you get my HASAY update, my Spin Cycle post and Random Tuesday Thoughts (OK, I know it’s Thursday, but work with me here! With the time change this week it FEELS like Tuesday!).

HASAY Update (brought to you by Casey at Ugh! The last thing I’ve thought about the last couple weeks has been HASAY. Or losing weight. The good thing: I’m normally a stress eater, however the stress of the last week or so has caused me to NOT want to eat. I actually went to the kitchen over the weekend, with the SOLE purpose of finding something chocolaty and/or sweet to satisfy my depression. I opened the refrigerator and then closed it. I opened the pantry and then closed it. Fridge again. Nothing. Didn’t feel like eating a thing from there, so I retreated quickly from the kitchen. Unfortunately, I’ve made up for it over the last couple days. So, I’m about even from last week’s weight and still down a pound over all. And I made it to Ab Lab twice this week AND walked a mile and a half yesterday. Yay me!

Spin Cycle (brought to you by This week’s Spin Cycle is about survival. I have to admit, when I first read the topic I thought about Survivor the TV show (which happens to be on my TV as I type…how coincidental!). That’s not what I want to spin about though. What do I want to spin about? Hmmm….good question. You hear about all these great survival stories on TV: women who’ve survived breast cancer, children who’ve survived some insurmountable challenge, survivors of plane crashes, natural disasters, or some other tragedy. Thankfully, I’ve never had to deal with any of that. But when I think about survivors or surviving THOSE are the people I think of. Quite frankly, I’m in awe of them. I look at some of the things they’ve survived or lived through and wonder could I do the same? Would I be as strong? Would I hold out hope and make it to the other side? I guess that’s one of those questions you never know the answer to until you’re faced with it. And, well, I hope I never have to find out.

Still no word on my assignment issues (brief recap for those too lazy to click on the link above: I received an assignment to Italy, Tony did not. Trying right now to either get an assignment for him or cancel mine). I know things are being looked at/worked now, but I also know that we could be right back where we started when all is said done. Strangely, I’ve been calm the last couple days. I don’t know if I finally just ran out of worry/stress or if God has laid a calming hand on me, but I haven’t felt that panic that had overcome me last week. I know everything will work out in the end, though it may not be the way I want it to.

I was driving down the road behind a Volkswagon Beetle today and have decided that there must be some sort of law that all VW Beetle’s in the state of Georgia MUST have the same tag. It seems every Beetle I’ve ever seen has this tag:

I hate the weather this time of year. The weather is so crazy right now, you can’t help but get sick (and something has been going around my office…I hope it stays far away from me!). How crazy you might ask? Well, it SNOWED on 1 March. Just one week later it was in the 80s! Even the weather man is having a hard time…they predicted a high of 70 today. I guess somebody forgot to tell Mother Nature that because the temperature thingy inside my van proclaimed it to be 84!

With that, I’ve completed my Tuesday, er, Thursday Random Thoughts (brought to you by!



  1. Hehe, very random. That sucks that they didn’t assign you both! I hope it was just an oversight.

    Comment by Keely — March 12, 2009 @ 8:40 pm |Reply

  2. I think you did a nice job with the topic fusion. It’s like a meme sandwich, hold the mayo – don’t want HASAY on my case. Funny how being stressed can work both ways, it can either kill your appetite or send you binging on baked goods. I hope you get some good news soon on the assignment, keep us posted. 😉

    Comment by mrsbear — March 12, 2009 @ 8:46 pm |Reply

  3. Breaking even when it comes to weight? Awesome considering the stress you’re under!

    I’m glad that you’ve never had to survive anything extreme, but I am convinced that we ALL have untapped reserves of strength and endurance within us, just in case!

    I hope that everything works out between your assignment and your family life. Best wishes! 🙂

    Comment by Shangrila — March 13, 2009 @ 2:30 pm |Reply

  4. Wow, a threefer! I’m sorry that the conditions were what they were but I’m glad you maintained a great HASAY week! I’m the opposite of you, I would be stuffing my face left and right about now since I’m a total stress eater. I hope this assignment crap gets figured out soon, I’m stressed for you!

    Comment by Casey — March 15, 2009 @ 9:59 pm |Reply

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