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January 5, 2009

It came today…

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I had a feeling we’d be seeing it soon, but I’d kinda hoped it’d be forgotten this time. But no such luck. I went to the post office and signed for it: the request for information to begin a child support review.

Don’t get me wrong: I have no problems paying child support. I completely agree that both parents are obligated to provide support for their children, even after the parents split. I have been a bit bitter in the past. I don’t think I was really bitter about paying child support, more over having no control how it was spent (and the fact that it was used as Tony’s ex’s sole source of income for 1 1/2 years while she went to school). I’ve gotten over all that. For the most part anyway. Most of the time, I don’t even think about it. The amount is deducted monthly from Tony’s paycheck and I don’t give it another moment’s thought.

Until it’s time for The Review. I don’t really mind the reviews either. I just wish the timing was a bit better. The last time we had a review was right before Christmas. This one is just after Christmas. The times when our budget is stretched the thinnest. I also wish Tony’s ex would at least mention it to us! We JUST saw her week before last. She talked to Tony countless times during that week, but couldn’t be bothered to warn us about a review. Thanks for nothing.

I’ve already done the math. We’re looking at a $100-150 increase. Luckily, that’s about equal to Tony’s pay raise this year. I just wish that we could use that money to help US get ahead, just ONCE.

On a side note: Tony was pleasantly surprised by his case worker. In the past, he has been treated like a dead beat dad. This despite the fact that he’s calling to tell them he agrees to everything and when can he start paying the increase. He’s also paid his support on time, every month, without fail for the last 13 years. Apparently that counts for nothing when dealing with child support case workers. They still treat every father they talk to as if he’s a deadbeat trying to get out of paying support (I used to wonder if it was just my husband that had these issues, then I talked with a few others who had similar dealings with the Attorney General’s office). Today, the lady actually treated him like a human being. Well, she went even further than that: she thanked him for calling! It took nothing out of her day to do that and I don’t think she could have asked for a better case: we faxed the documentation to her on the day we received the request. Maybe she’ll be kind to us and “lose” the paperwork. I know it’ll never happen, but it’s nice to dream.

On the bright side, this should be our last review. Ever. His ex can only request a review every 3 years. In 3 years, we’ll be done paying support. YAHOO!



  1. It’s terrible how they treat people. My brother looked into getting custody of his son (they ended up getting back together) and was told that because he’s a man, he has ZERO rights in FL and that unless the mother was a complete f up, the most he’d get was visitation. Ugh.

    Comment by halfasgoodasyou — January 6, 2009 @ 10:57 pm |Reply

  2. My thoughts are that it takes two to tango but if Tony has been paying faithfully for 13 years give the guy a break. Don’t treat him like dirt just because he’s the dad. How come he has to pay his whole increase for the year? That doesn’t seem fair. Half I can see because it costs more to raise kids. All? Seems a little unequal. Just saying…..

    Than again what do I know. Thank God I didn’t have to go through this. I made the decision to not accept spousal support a.) I didn’t need it. b.) I didn’t want anything to do with him. c.) we had no kids.

    Yeah! That you don’t have to go through this again.

    Comment by Michele — January 11, 2009 @ 10:23 pm |Reply

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