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January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Filed under: General — by Sandie @ 12:00 am

2009 is officially upon us!

This is the first year in quite a few that I stayed up past midnight.  Yay me!  My husband made it too…barely.

I’ve spent the better part of tonight watching movies.  Some good, some not so good (I’m about ready to turn the last one off and go to bed…it’s not that good).  I’ve also polished off the better part of a bottle of wine.  This is an amazing feat in and of itself.  I’m such a lightweight these days that I normally can’t make it past the second glass.  I’ve also spent a good part of the night reading just about every post on Kat’s blog, 3 Bedroom Bungalow (I discovered her through Jen at Sprite’s Keeper tonight and I’m half way through November now).

So Happy New Year to all!  Here’s to hoping 2009 brings many wonderful things for all of you!



  1. Thanks for stopping by the bungalow! Hope to see you around more often. Happy New Year!

    Comment by Kat — January 1, 2009 @ 5:56 am |Reply

  2. I managed to stay up past 12 too and that’s the first time in three years! Happy New Year, I hope this one is better than the last.

    Comment by Casey — January 1, 2009 @ 10:34 am |Reply

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